We take food seriously. We obsess over every detail that makes a meal perfect:

Flavorful, Nutritious and Convenient.


Andro's Rostilj provides on-site, full-service meals to companies in the Bay Area. Our team of chefs and culinary professionals specialize in a broad range of global cuisines and come to us with years of experience working at some of the country’s top-rated restaurants and hotels. Our chefs do most of the preparation in our state of the art commercial kitchens and put all the finishing touches together once they arrive at your office. Outstanding food and personalized customer support are the pillars of our family owned and operated business. 


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Our food is healthy, diverse and flavorful, cooked with the freshest seasonal ingredients. We make every effort to source sustainable, organic and locally grown produce. We cater to various tastes, dietary preferences and restrictions.


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P.O. Box 95, Los Gatos, CA 95030